Aereo’s Barry Diller sues to squash copycat BarryDriller

Aereo, a technology that uses tiny antennas to let people watch TV on the go, has already generated a flurry of lawsuits. Now the man behind Aereo is suing a copycat service for using his name. The disputes highlight disruptions to the traditional TV industry.

Fox sues to shut down Aereo copycat over TV streaming

Broadcasters are in a pitched fight with Aereo over whether the TV-streaming service violates copyright. Now, Fox is suing an Aereo copycat called The cases will help define the laws for how we watch TV in coming years.

HBO deal ends Fox blackout on iCloud

Those who purchase Fox movies like Prometheus on iTunes can now re-download their films on iCloud, thanks to a deal the studio carved with its pay TV partner, HBO, that relaxes digital restrictions of movies while they’re in the pay TV window.

Netflix continues Latin American content push with Fox deal

Expansion into the Southern Hemisphere is proving more costly and time-consuming than Netflix anticipated. But the company has made another significant content investment in the region, bringing 24, Glee, How I Met Your Mother and other Fox TV shows and movies to Latin America.