Mac 101: Photo Booth Tips

When’s the last time you played with Photo Booth? I’m guessing you and your friends had some raucous laughs with it when you first got your Mac, and then haven’t done much with it since. Well I’m here to suggest you bring it out of mothballs and check out a few things that you may not have known before. (Oh, and if you have kids, let them at it and it’ll keep them busy for hours!)
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F|R Crib Sheet: Key Terms of a Licensing Agreement

People talk about “selling” technology products all the time, but they usually mean licensing them. Licensing is actually the most common way that technology companies generate revenue. A “sale” occurs when ownership of the product changes hands completely. A “license” is when some portion of ownership is held back. For example, Apple sells iPods, but licenses the software that runs them. The point of this technical distinction is that if you want to “sell” your software to multiple customers, you’ll need to retain ownership, otherwise your first customer is going to walk away with everything. When you license your product, you retain control over how your customers may use it.

License agreements come in a million flavors, but they all contain a few critical elements. Here is a Crib Sheet of 10 Key Licensing Terms you need to comprehend. Read More about F|R Crib Sheet: Key Terms of a Licensing Agreement

F|R Crib Sheet: The Term Sheet Glossary

I work as an attorney to a lot of company founders, and I know from experience that when the time comes to negotiate a round of funding, entrepreneurs often find themselves at a disadvantage. Much of it has to do with language. There is an array of terms and issues that investors and lawyers work with regularly and understand, but that entrepreneurs deal with only once in a while. It would take many posts to cover all of them, but here is a Crib Sheet of 10 Key Terms that clients most often ask me to explain when they receive term sheets from prospective investors.

Let’s start with the basics of valuation. The three biggest questions I get are: How much is my company is worth? How much of my company will I have to give up? How is that calculated? Three valuation terms you need to know are: Read More about F|R Crib Sheet: The Term Sheet Glossary