Guess who else wants to build ARM-based servers? Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments will join the slew of chipmakers using cell-phone cores in servers. But it has two twists with its KeyStone architecture — integrated 10 gigabit Ethernet networking and TI’s digital signal processing cores to aid in performing complex math.

Wimpy cores are coming to Facebook. But which cores?

Facebook has made waves by detailing its plans to use what an executive calls chips that have a cell-phone architecture in its future data centers. The social network plans to test such chips now and next year and will likely have them in production in 2014.

Scaling problems and breaking the law: A Structure 2012 recap

Scale breaks everything. When you move from thinking 10,000 servers is a lot to buying hundreds of thousands a year your perspectives change. And that shift in perspective has changed the information technology industry. We cover some of the biggest takeaways from our Structure 2012 conference.

Facebook dives into storage

Facebook, the social networking giant that’s already made big waves with its open-source server plans, is now taking on storage in a very big way, according to a published report. The hardware will help Facebook keep up with the exploding demand of its 840 million users.