Some YouTube stars get their own TV apps, thanks to Flingo

Popular YouTube series like Fred and The Annoying Orange have been limited to being watched through web browsers. Thanks to Flingo, series managed by Collective Digital Studios will soon find their way onto viewers’ connected TV sets, with their own branded line of TV apps.

FRED takes on the haters with Figgle Chat

There is a subtle genius to the latest iteration of Lucas Cruikshank’s popular (in some circles) manic online personality. While FRED evolves as a cross-platform property, the new series Figgle Chat, directed by Bobby Miller, gives his haters someone to cheer for.

Fred the Movie Is This Year’s Biggest Cable Premiere

The young people, they sure do love their Fred. The premiere of the Lucas Cruikshank-starring Fred the Movie on Nickelodeon drew in 7.6 million total viewers on Saturday night. And it’s all part of a massive marketing event that doesn’t care about platforms.

Fred the Movie the Trailer Debuts Online

Oh boy, oh boy, it’s a big day for Fred fans — the trailer for Fred the Movie, which will air on cable channel Nickelodeon this September, is finally online. But something seems different about the pre-teen sensation…

Vid-Biz: DirecTV, Target, Boxee

DirecTV Added 136,000 Subs in Q3; revenue was up 9.7 percent to $5.5 billion. (Multichannel News)
Target Rolls Out Web Vids for Holiday Shopping; comedic clips cover such topics as family traditions and other oddities. (AdWeek)
Boxee to Unveil Beta on Dec. 7; new version will have a new UI, better navigation and more. (Boxee Blog)
Live Music to Debut on Mobile and Theaters at the Same Time; crowd-sourced movie will play on 500 screens in front of the animated movie Planet 51. (The Hollywood Reporter)
Fred Movie Looking for a Dad; production is looking for “cameo names only” to play the pipsqueak’s pop. (Tubefilter)

Fred No Longer King of YouTube; All Hail Nigahiga

Fred, the fastest-growing and largest channel YouTube (s GOOG) had ever seen, was overtaken on Friday by Nigahiga, a longtime comedy channel on the site. Nigahiga, a series of rants, lip-syncs and sketches, is run by 19-year-old Ryan Higa. Fred, as we’ve written many times on this site, is the high-pitched brainchild of 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank, a fictional show that attracts gobs of young fans but befuddles the post-Nickelodeon demographic. As of Sunday night, Nigahiga had 1,389,953 subscribers, compared with 1,363,342 for Fred.

Based on this sample set of two, one takeaway is certain: Young people are far better at programming for the younger generation than the traditional television business allows. (The third-most popular YouTube channel, Smosh, is done by a couple of 21-year-olds.) Higa, who started out making videos as a high school student in Hilo, Hawaii, and is now studying film at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, created his channel in July 2006, back in the Wild West days of YouTube. His style relies far more on humor than production values. And he’s overcome adversity on the way to the top; tens of popular Nigahiga videos, including many lip-syncs and the break-out hit “How to Be Gangster,” have been taken down due to use of copyrighted music, with the entire Nigahiga account suspended for a short time earlier this year. However, at this time, with the infringing videos unavailable, Higa makes money from his channel by participating in the YouTube partner program.
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Vid-Biz: TV Ads, Lost, Fred

Broadcast Networks Cutting the Price of Ads; advertisers able to negotiate cheaper rates for the upcoming TV season, bummer news for networks who are already feeling an economic pinch. (The Wall Street Journal)
Kia Motors Gets Lost for New Web Series; Mysteries of the Universe: The Dharma Initiative will be a fictional documentary series set in the early 1980s; first episode available now. (

“Fred” to Be an Emo Boy; YouTube star Lucas Cruikshank makes move to movies to star as a high schooler who believes he has “emo powers.” (The Hollywood Reporter)
Generate Finds a “Hero” for Digital Programming; company partnering with Milo Ventimiglia’s Divide Pictures to develop content for the young male demo. (Variety)
FiOS TV Hits 2.5 Million Subscribers; telco’s rise is putting pressure on the cable companies. (GigaOM)
BigBand Networks Develops Video “Supergroup;” company says its Converged Video Exchange technology lets operators bundle QAM channels and manage bandwidth more efficiently. (Multichannel News)

Fred Envy Pervasive at LA Conference

Here a Fred, there a Fred, everywhere a Fred-Fred. The specter of 15-year-old Lucas Cruikshank has seemed to haunt NATPE’s LA TV Fest this week, with mentions of his hit web creation, Fred Figglehorn, on many a talk or panel. Here’s our report from the conference hallways.

Whether you’re wearing a suit or jeans, everyone has the same disclaimer about Fred: “Personally, I don’t get it. Maybe I’m just too old.” But then it becomes clear that each and every one of them is in awe and fear of the Fred phenomenon. Cruikshank has created the most-subscribed channel in the history of YouTube (s GOOG) by depicting a chipmunk-voiced 6-year-old with anger management issues.

EQAL’s Greg Goodfried displayed perhaps the most stunning case of Fred envy, talking about his guy-with-a-Flipcam-and-Final-Cut work on the new EQAL project Get Cookin’ with Paula Deen. “Literally we sit around and say, ‘Is this as good as Fred? Does it feel like Fred; is it cut like Fred?'”

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YouTube Cracking Down on Brand-Integrated Vids?

YouTube (s GOOG) has notified some of its content creators that independent brand-integration deals in their videos could violate YouTube’s terms of service, reports MediaWeek.

The move comes at a time when YouTube is working overtime to convert its massive viewing audience into money. The site has made a number of moves in the past month to make itself more advertiser-friendly, including changes to its community guidelines and courting more professional content. Kevin Nalty (a.k.a. “nalts”) received a letter from YouTube about his brand-integrated videos, but told MediaWeek, “It’s not unreasonable…They are paying these high bandwidth fees, and they don’t want to be seen just as a dumb pipe.”

Aside from dumb pipe issues, these integrations could muck up YouTube’s own efforts to sell advertising as some brands may not want to run an overlay ad on a video that already has a sponsor.

A number of YouTube celebs have worked independent sponsorship deals into their online video work. One of the best known is Lucas Cruikshank (a.k.a. “Fred”) who has parlayed his high-pitched fame into sponsorship deals with Zipit Wireless and 20th Century Fox.

According to MediaWeek, YouTube will soon be announcing a new formalized process for brand-integration videos.