2013: The year of the web series second season?

It’s been common for web series to never make it past a first season. But this year, there are four notable examples of shows continuing their runs, from independent teen dramedies to Jerry Seinfeld chatting with comics.

A platform of one’s own: Video Game High School takes control

What happens when a creator uses a highly-anticipated web series to launch a new website? The creators of Video Game High School found out when the highly-anticipated web series debuted on Rocket Jump — bringing millions of views to a platform they fully controlled.

Some YouTube stars get their own TV apps, thanks to Flingo

Popular YouTube series like Fred and The Annoying Orange have been limited to being watched through web browsers. Thanks to Flingo, series managed by Collective Digital Studios will soon find their way onto viewers’ connected TV sets, with their own branded line of TV apps.

YouTuber Freddie Wong Directs Machete’s Bloody Red Carpet Gag

Being popular on YouTube isn’t just a money-maker in its own right — it can also be a great way to get jobs with other companies. Today’s example: a new Break viral created to promote the release of Machete, directed by Freddie Wong.

Freddie Wong: From Guitar Hero Pro to YouTuber

To close out YouTuber Week, we bring you Freddie Wong, who segued from fame as a professional Guitar Hero superstar to creating inventive YouTube shorts. And the joy he brings to goofing around with cameras and special effects and his friends is contagious.