A Quick Look at FolderShare

FolderShare Like many people, I use more than one computer over the course of the day. Keeping my documents folder synced between machines is a high priority. FolderShare is a free program which allows you to sync folders over the internet. While FolderShare was bought by Microsoft over two years ago, they have kept Mac support. Installation is quite simple. You download a zip file and run through an installer. You have to do the same over at the other computer with which you plan to sync.

From there, you can define which folder or folders you want to sync. These folder pairs are called “libraries.” Each library has a 10,000 file limit and you can have up to ten libraries. FolderShare runs in your tray if you use Windows or places an icon in your menu bar on your Mac. I have used the program for my Mac running Leopard (and previously Tiger) with a Windows XP machine. Everything runs smoothly as long as firewalls are set up properly.

The web interface is rather sparse, but everything is laid out simply. The start page shows you your libraries and gives you the option of syncing your folders, accessing your fies and sharing with friends. You can invite other people to have access to your files and decide permissions for your invitees. The permissions options are Reader (can only download and open files, cannot alter files), Contributor (can add new files), Editor (can edit and delete files), Senior Editor (can invite other users to this library). The person you invite must then download the FolderShare software.

One of the more interesting features is access to your files through a browser. Files are not stored online for online access – FolderShare is a peer-to-peer system. This means that if you turn off your other machine or shut down the application, remote access to your files disappears. That being said, the files you can access online are not limited to those you chose to share. You can access your entire hard drive through the web interface and download whatever you would like. Running the application in the background did not seem to have any noticeable impact on the performance of any of my computers.

The main feature of FolderShare is syncing two folders over the internet and FolderShare does that very well. The fact that it can turn any computer into a file server accessible through a web browser is a very cool feature that effectively expands your local network over the internet. The best thing about FolderShare is that it is free. And yes, a Microsoft product is not bad (as long as they keep Mac support).

“Hello, I’m a Bill Gates”

bill gates The Joy of Tech brings us yet another great commentary on the world that surrounds us. And by ‘us’, I of course mean computer geeks. And by computer geeks, I mean those of us who follow the silliness that has abounded lately with the release of Vista and the subsequent media blitz that Bill Gates has been on to plug the ‘next generation’ operating system. Good stuff as always, from Joy of Tech.

Via DaringFireball

East versus West

Wall Street Journal has an interesting round-up of political moves, rants and raves on the subject of outsourcing. It is not surprising all the noise coming from Washington DC, given that is an election year. On that same note, here in India, election fever is in full swing. Outsourcing related troubles in the faraway USA don’t make much news here, and whatever news that there is normally buried on the inside pages of the newspapers. It is interesting to see how two sets of politicians are dealing with an issue that is changing lives – some for better, some for worse.