Can the French civilize Twitter? Should they try?

A string of offensive hashtag memes in France has spurred the government to announce a consultation on hate speech with Twitter. It could mark a watershed for the country’s approach to social media — but it’s not just Paris that has a problem. We all do.

Italy revolts over sneak return of ‘blog killer’ law

Italian bloggers are up in arms after ministers secretly resurrected their attempts to introduce a new law that could see them fined thousands of Euros for not responding quickly enough to request for corrections — an approach dubbed the “blog killer” by critics.

Twitter will censor tweets, but will try really hard not to

Twitter says it has implemented a new system that will allow it to remove tweets from specific countries if required to do so by law, but that it will try hard not to do this, and will be as transparent as possible if it does.

If WikiLeaks is dying, then the NYT is partly to blame

A New York Times piece argues WikiLeaks is on life support, but the reality is that it and Julian Assange have been the targets of a sustained attack by the U.S. government, and that is a freedom of speech issue we should all be concerned about.

UK drops web crackdown – but was it a lucky escape?

Proposals to give police the power to shut down social networks in Britain — proposed as a dramatic reaction to the riots that spread across the country this month — appear to have been dumped by the government. A victory for sensible people everywhere, or a warning sign?