FriendFeed Shows What Your Online Contacts Are Up To

FF logoIf you’re a member of a distributed team, it’s hard to keep up with all your team mates. Multiply this by all the different online outlets that make up our online ‘identity’.

Here’s an example: You’re a team who is swapping photos and gathering feedback on Flickr, exchanging links on, and communicating through blog comments and Twitter. Why can’t there be a one-stop RSS feed for all these channels of communication? Enter FriendFeed.

There are many online outlets we contribute to including Flickr, Digg, Twitter, one or many blogs, and so on. FriendFeed seeks to simplify online contact tracking by 1) allowing you to aggregate all your online activities on a single place and 2) granting you one place to track your friends’ online activities in one place. Read More about FriendFeed Shows What Your Online Contacts Are Up To

HTC Advantage refresh available for pre-order; at what price?

X7510_preorderThe updated HTC Advantage, the x7510, must have an imminent release soon. The new unit was expected to hit geek wallets everywhere this month and pre-orders have started on both sides of the pond. The problem with pre-ordering is that nobody can seem to agree on the price. It’s not like it should be price fixed, but based on the variances, you can get a new Advantage and an Eee PC for what some folks are charging.Pocketables reports that GearTrade is looking at $800 for the x7510 while two other resellers are asking for $1300. With a new UMPC on the way, I’m going to pass on the new Advantage even though it’s already appealing in it’s current form. If I was serious about purchasing one, I’d probably hold off and see what happens to prices when the device actually becomes available. The $800 price might be a tad low, but it’s probably more accurate than $1300. Has anyone taken the plunge on a pre-order?

Hack Your Startup Credit Rating

Congratulations, founder! You’ve got a functioning site, a splash of capital, and a game plan for revenue — or maybe it’s a treasure map. Hopefully you’re on your way to achieving some personal liquidity, either through cash flow, or perhaps by selling some equity in your business. But I’m willing to bet that it’s more likely that you’re about to double-down on your startup and layer-up the debt. Either way, I’ve prepared for you an entrepreneur’s guide to amping up your personal credit rating — even in the midst of the current “credit crisis” at commercial banks on Wall Street.
Trust me, as your business develops, and your need for capital grows (and it will) hacking your founders’ credit rating could be increasingly valuable to your startup.
I’ll start with some speed bumps that can damage your credit rating. Read More about Hack Your Startup Credit Rating

Berkeley Team Builds World’s Smallest FM Radio

[qi:036] A group of physicists at the University of California, Berkeley, have made the world’s smallest FM radio, crafted out of a single carbon nanotube that is about one ten-thousandth the diameter of a single human hair. In the nanotube radio, a single carbon nanotube works as an all-in-one antenna, tuner, amplifier and demodulator — separate components in a standard radio.

The nanotube radio is currently set to work as a receiver but can also work as a transmitter, and can be used in any number of applications — from cell phones to microscopic devices that sense the environment and relay information via radio signals. “The nanotube radio may lead to radical new applications, such as radio-controlled devices small enough to exist in a human’s bloodstream,” write the scientists in the latest issue of Nano Letters.

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Citizen News Pier Screenings Recap: Alive in Baghdad Takes First Place

Thanks to the wonderful crowd that joined us last night at Pier 38 in San Francisco for the fourth and final installment in our summer Pier Screenings series.

1274831852_7a6a275e4b1.jpgWe were first treated to a lively discussion about non-professional journalistic video with Sue Kwon of CBS, Josh Wolf, and Andrew Fitzgerald of Current TV. Kwon was fired up to tell us that broadcast journalism takes a lot of money, and that despite her access to sources and equipment and audiences, she still gets nickel-and-dimed for work expenses. Wolf and Fitzgerald agreed they’d like to see some sort of citizen (or perhaps a better term is “amateur”?) journalist’s guild emerge, in order to foster better access and more sustainable conditions for those who aren’t part of established outlets.

Then we showed the six community-chosen citizen news videos. Judges Kara Swisher, Michael Ferris Gibson, and JD Lasica were among the more friendly we’ve had this summer, though on the whole the finalists were a strong set, and deserved the praise.

Find more videos like this on NewTeeVee Pier Screenings

Alive in Baghdad‘s “Sectarian Violence is a Daily Experience” was far and away the audience favorite, drawing 42 percent of the text-message vote. Coming in second was Internet Celebrities’ funny “Bodega” riff on nutrition in the Bronx, followed by GeoBeats’ upbeat piece on the Mumbai Dabbawalas lunch catering business. Celso Dulay’s piece on San Francisco Gay Pride also had a strong following.

The top three will receive hard drives from Fabrik and be featured on Metacafe’s homepage.

1274845176_54b1d25c76.jpgPhotos by James Yu. Thanks to Metacafe,, Fabrik, Orrick, and vod:pod for sponsoring the event, and Eventbrite, Ning, and Mozes for donating their services. Please add links to your photos, videos, and write-ups in the comments.

Networking in the rain

Connecting with strangers in the rain using bluetooth might be the new new thing in networking inspired intimacy. Unstrung looks at a project by to wire Umbrellas with bluetooth connectivity.

Via an umbrella with a PDA embedded in the handle, users create an on the move (and rather drenched) Mesh network whenever it rains. According to the group, the goal of the project is to create “sudden, striking, and unexpected connections between people in public and urban space”, if you’re in to that sort of thing.