Forget video chat: The front camera on my smartphone is a mirror

The growing number of handsets that have front-facing cameras may mean that another common device becomes less necessary — the mirror that many women carry around in their purses. After all, why pull out a compact when your smartphone can show you exactly what you look like.

Fring tries to one-up Google Hangouts with Playgrounds

One of the better features of Google+ is Hangouts, in my opinion. Now VoIP and video chat service Fring is hoping users want to take that kind of experience one step further with Playgrounds, which allows you to chat with strangers about shared interests.

Why video chat? Why not?

Last weekend I had on of my eureka moments around mobile video chat. It’s gonna be big, perhaps as big as 29.6 billion video calls made in 2015. So to all the naysayers who think video chat is just plain weird, hear me out.

What mobile apps are essential for collaboration on the go?

What apps do mobile workers need to get their jobs done? A new Forrester report has identified eight “must have” categories of mobile collaboration apps. Here’s a run-down of all the categories outlined, together with some of our recommendations for apps to use in each category:

What do you use for Mac and iOS video chat?

A picture is worth a thousand words, and a video will save you even more typing. There are lots of video chat options out there now for both Mac and iOS, and the competition is fierce. Which is your go-to client on either platform, and why?

Fring first with four-way iPad group video chat

Just last week we saw an early glimpse of Skype’s upcoming iPad app, but today Fring appears to be one step ahead of the game. Fring’s iOS app was updated today to provide iPad-optimized four-way group video calling, before Skype is even out of the gate.

Fring First With iPhone Group Video Calling

Fring released an update Thursday for its iPhone app that brings group video chat over Wi-Fi and 3G to the service. Android users can also get in on the action, using Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G and both platforms can talk to each other.

Fring Ups Mobile Video Chat Competition With Group Calls

Mobile video chat was all the rage last year. But the new battleground is now becoming group video chat. Oovoo kicked off the competition late last year and now Fring is keeping pace with a group video calls, a new feature now launching in limited beta.

Android This Week: Leveling Off; Fring Calling; LogMeIn

The growth of Android in the smartphone space has been phenomenal, but recent ad statistics show it may be leveling off. VoIP calling is hot on Android, however, with fring posting solid performance. LogMeIn Ignition is coming to the tablet, and we have an advance look.