GigaOM RoadMap Video Rewind: Frog Design’s Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston, Chief Creative Officer of Frog Design was one of the speakers at our inaugural GigaOM RoadMap conference, held earlier this month. In this conversation< he talks about how as computing become all pervasive, we need to rethink computers and how we interact with them.

How will we design products for the Internet of Things?

As revolutionary as the mobile ecosystem is, it’s the interactions of more intelligent connected devices with people outside the context of phones or computers that will drive more innovation says Mark Rolston, the chief creative officer at Frog Design at an event on Monday.

Tweet About TV With frog’s tvChatter iPhone App

frog design, the design firm with 40 years of experience advising clients on how best to create their consumer electronics and services, from Windows XP to Roku to TV Guide’s new web site, recently began making a few products of its own. Among the first is a social TV iPhone app called tvChatter, meant to be used alongside watching programs live or simultaneously with friends.

The free application will come out with frog client NBC (s GE) as a launch partner as soon as Apple (s AAPL) approves it (probably in the next week or so). It brings in a stream of Twitter updates that are deemed relevant to about 30 prime-time shows from various networks. When users give their Twitter credentials, they can tweet directly to a stream and follow along with either their friends or everyone else in the world watching the same show and tweeting about it.

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