Embarq and CenturyTel Merge, Become CenturyLink

logoNewCenturyTel and Embarq today announced the completion of their $11.6 billion merger, which results in a phone company that will serve 7.5 million customers in 33 states. The combined company will now be known as CenturyLink (s CTL) — and the aging copper-based DSL lines it offers to most of its subscribers will certainly act as a link to the previous century for customers of the new entity. As part of the FCC approval for the merger, the agency imposed several conditions on the combined company, presumably to ensure that consolidation doesn’t hurt consumers. Read More about Embarq and CenturyTel Merge, Become CenturyLink

AT&T Trials Tiered Broadband in Nevada

Following in the footsteps of Time Warner Cable, Frontier Communications and several U.K internet service providers, AT&T appears close to unveiling a tiered broadband service in Reno Nevada, sometime in November. According to a Friday filing with the Federal Communication Commission, AT&T executives met with the legal adviser to FCC Chairman Kevin Martin to discuss “usage based pricing” as a form of network management.

10 Things to Know and Hate About Metered Broadband

Since we’re getting in a huff over Comcast’s 250 GB cap, we thought it would be helpful to lay out why capping broadband is a bad idea today and a worse one for tomorrow, how it can benefit ISPs, and why it’s not really necessary on most networks. Check out our handy overview and links to our past coverage on the topic.

Yo FCC! Are You Doing Anything About Metered Broadband?

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin has recently taken up a populist and politically lucrative crusade against Comcast and its nefarious efforts to block certain kinds of traffic. But this is nothing more than a diversionary tactic, one aimed at taking attention away from the service providers’ implementation of metered broadband.