Netflix now available on 4 out of 5 Android devices

It took several months, but Netflix for Android is now available to most Android smartphones and small tablets. The latest app update adds support for Android 2.2 and 2.3; a change from the earlier Netflix versions that were tested on a device-by-device basis.

How Android’s fragmentation issue is slowly receding

In May of 2010, I examined the Android fragmentation issue. Is it still a problem? Yes, but based on various Google actions that time, the data shows it’s far less of an issue than it was. And it will always exist under the current licensing model.

Android 2.3 for G2x coming soon (but you can get it now)

Got an LG G2x handset and looking for a new version of Android? LG has created Android 2.3.3 firmware for the smartphone, which hopefully addresses some performance glitches. The software will eventually be pushed over the air to phones, but you can get it now.

AT&T Looks to Pantech for $69 Android Smartphone

Pantech’s Crossover, the company’s first Android smartphone for the U.S., arrives June 5 on AT&T. For $69 with contract, one can’t expect too much power, but the 3G handset has some advanced features such as mobile hotspot support. Can it compete against the $49 iPhone 3GS?

HTC Incredible 2 for Verizon Arrives April 28

Verizon Wireless today announced an April 28 launch for the HTC Incredible 2, a successor to one of the carrier’s most popular Google Android handsets from last year. Although the handset can’t use Verizon’s 4G network, it may appeal to frequent travelers due to GSM support.

Now Nook Is A Cheap Android Tablet

Barnes & Noble released software for its Nook Color e-reader, bringing Android 2.2 and third-party software to the $249 device. At this price, consumers may opt for a multipurpose e-reader over a tablet. Why not, when you can play Angry Birds, YouTube vids and check email?

Finally! Samsung Launches a 32 GB Wi-Fi Galaxy Tab

Samsung’s 7-inch Galaxy Tab has long been tied to carriers due to the integrated mobile broadband radio but Samsung is finally introducing a device free from carrier contracts. Priced at $349, the Wi-Fi device launches on April 10 and includes an internal storage boost to 32GB.

LG Optimus and the Rise of the Cheap Androids!

Can a $30 Android smartphone compete with high-end devices costing five times more? Provided you can give up some performance and a few advanced features, it definitely can. The LG Optimus T represents a future filled with low-priced Android smartphones for current feature phone users.

Review: T-Mobile’s G2 Is Tops for T-Mobile’s Network

Two years after the original G1 handset, T-Mobile’s G2 improves in every way: from the newest version of Google Android to a high resolution touchscreen and an extremely usable slide-out QWERTY keyboard. At $199 and with support for T-Mobile’s fast 3G network, the G2 is excellent.