As Gingerbread Bakes, 73.8% of Android Phones Run 2.1+

Nearly three of every four handsets hitting the Android Market are now running modern versions of Google’s mobile operating system, just as rumors begin swirling around Gingerbread, the next Android version. Between Froyo’s uptake and core apps developed as add-ons, Google is quietly reducing Android fragmentation.

Dolphin Browser HD on Video – Best Mobile Web?

The number of quality apps on the Android platform has grown tremendously, and one of the best apps is the Dolphin Browser HD. This free browser builds on the strengths of the stock Android browser by adding key interface methods that are shown in this video.

Froyo Update Hits the EVO 4G

Sprint has begun rolling out the Android 2.2 (Froyo) update as promised to owners of the EVO 4G. To maintain good update server speeds, the update will be released in phases, and will appear when available. Manual updating can be done in the phone’s settings.

Android This Week: Froyo for EVO; Top 5 Widgets

Stories this week: Sprint will be the first carrier to offer the Android 2.2 update to owners of the EVO 4G beginning next week. A list of top widgets will extend the utility of your Android phone. The Sprint store goes live in the Android Market.

My First Bite Of Froyo Is Tasty

After using Android 2.1 — and some custom ROMs — for the past five months, I’m impressed overall with Android 2.2, aka: Froyo. The user interface provides nice enhancements and the system is slightly faster. Here are some hands on thoughts from the past day.

Android 2.2 May Deliver More Performance, Less Fragmentation

A leaked build of Android 2.2 shows benchmark gains of up to 450 percent for Android applications. With a JIT compiler for Android’s Dalvik VM, even older Android handsets could see better performance. This and fragmentation reduction efforts are expected at next week’s Google I/O event.