The big get bigger with the latest broadband growth numbers

Comcast added almost half of all new broadband subscribers in 2013, followed distantly by Verizon. While cable companies are still grabbing most new subscribers, telcos are gaining a bit of ground thanks to fiber deployments.

Google joins Verizon in researching 10 Gbps fiber connections

The fiber is barely in the ground and already Google is thinking about next generation gigabit networks, with the advertising company researching ways to get to 10Gbps on its Google Fiber networks. Its CFO Patrick Pichette spoke at an investor conference this week and noted the efforts while telling people to stay tuned about future network expansions. google’s need for speed isn’t exclusive to it. Verizon has been testing 10 Gbps using XG PON technology since 2010.

Google should license its gigabit network knowledge to cities

Building a gigabit network is unfortunately not a fast proposition. It takes time and money to dig trenches or string fiber. But in an op-ed over at Ars Technica, the CEO of Wicked Broadband in Lawrence, Kansas suggests that if Google really wanted to drive broadband competition and gigabit networks it would teach cities how Google thinks about the problem and costs of building fiber. Then, municipalities could take on the act of building out the infrastructure and help roll out gigabit fiber faster. I’ve made a similar suggestion myself.

Austin is getting wired for Google Fiber

Google(s goog) posted a little update on its Fiber blog noting that it’s wiring Austin for fiber over the next few months, and reminding residents to get out and ask their neighbors to sign up for the fiber service in order to get access in their neighborhood. Google notes that while it doesn’t have a date, the sign up process will take place next year. Meanwhile AT&T(s t) has already announced four neighborhoods where it will deploy fiber at 300 Mbps speeds beginning in December.