A rare peek behind Bloom Energy’s next-gen fuel cell tech [video]

On the occasion of the groundbreaking of Bloom Energy’s new east coast factory, the company gives us a rare video interview detailing its next-gen fuel cell tech, which has double the power in the same footprint, and is 20 percent more efficient than its older tech.

Apple reveals more details about its fuel cell farm

According to a filing with the North Carolina Utilities Commission, Apple’s fuel cell farm at its data center in North Carolina could start operating by June and will use twenty four 200 kW fuel cells.

Bloom exec: Fuel cells could revolutionize data centers

Bloom Energy’s fuel cells could revolutionize data center power architecture, says Bloom Energy’s new data center guru, Peter Gross, who joined the company this week as the Vice President of Mission Critical Systems.

Bloom Energy launches data center focus for its fuel cells

Silicon Valley’s fuel cell maker Bloom Energy has launched a new practice focused on data centers, the company announced on Wednesday. To lead the group, Bloom Energy has brought on Peter Gross, who co-founded data-center firm EYP Mission Critical Facilities, which was bought by HP.

Valley clean energy innovation can prosper, it just takes awhile

The fact that two Silicon Valley-backed Bay Area companies appear to be the tech vendors behind Apple’s new pioneering clean power push at its massive data center in North Carolina shows that the greentech venture ecosystem can work — it just takes a long time.

What’s up with Google and biomass power?

Out of all of Google’s close to $1 billion in clean power projects, turning biomass into energy seems like the least relevant technology to Google’s core business. But Google has made a few small investments into biomass projects, including a hog waste to energy project.