Freescale, Fuji Join Forces for Green Car Tech

Freescale Semiconductor and Fuji Electric Systems are forming a new partnership focused on hybrid and electric vehicle tech. The two companies announced plans to collaborate on a type of power semiconductor for electronic powertrains, as well as other products for green cars down the road.

PHOTOS: The Future of Solar at SPI

This week in Los Angeles the solar industry filled a convention center with the latest in next-generation solar panels, concentrators, and various gear. Called SPI, the show offers the first look at some of the really bleeding edge solar tech.

Why the Consumer Electronics Show is Going Greener in 2009

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES)— at which every new gadget debuting in the year ahead is trotted out for display in a football-sized stadium in Las Vegas — is upon us again. After spending days walking amidst rows of 82-inch flat screen TVs and pocketing useless tchotkes from hundreds of vendors at the show, you couldn’t imagine a more perfect event to embody the ultimate in consumerism and waste. But in 2008, CES introduced a “green” component, showcasing lower-power gadgets, solar-powered devices and recycled goods, in an attempt to make the show a little more palatable to the environmentally inclined. And in 2009, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA), the trade group behind CES, is expanding that green aspect even further, trying to adjust to both increasingly eco-friendly attitudes and leaner economic times. Read More about Why the Consumer Electronics Show is Going Greener in 2009