Why Japan is building an exam-taking robot at laptop scale

The Todai Robot project has received attention because of its goal to build a system capable of passing a college entrance exam — a tough test for a supercomputer that’s all the more difficult when confined to a single laptop computer.

IBM supercomputer claims the lead on Top 500 list

We’re number 1! An IBM supercomputer topped the semi-annual list of the 500 top supercomputers for the first time in three years. Sequoia, an IBM BlueGene/Q System using 1,572,864 processor cores scored 16.32 petaflop/s on the Linpack Benchmark used to rate such things.

Fujitsu makes Azure compliant by making it hybrid

Fujitsu’s new hybrid implementation of Microsoft Windows Azure could address corporate concerns about deploying global workloads on Microsoft’s public cloud. With Hybrid Cloud Services for Microsoft Windows Azure, Fujitsu can use its global presence to make sure that data stays within prescribed areas

Windows 7 on a phone: the 2-hour post-PC device

Fujitsu is launching a smartphone that doubles as a handheld Windows 7 computer. While the idea of a full computer in your pocket sounds attractive, this device strikes me as the worst possible combination of brands for a mobile device that runs for two hours.