Why Violin Memory is worth billions in an IPO

Violin Memory is a force to be reckoned with in the storage world. It’s not just the industry shift toward solid-state drives replacing slower, less-efficient hard disk drives that’s driving Violin’s value through the roof, though, it’s also the company’s very strategic set of investors.

Need network processing? Solarflare puts it on the card.

Solarflare, the former maker of 10 gigabit Ethernet silicon, has transitioned from making chips to making network adapter cards to speed up the networking capabilities of servers. Now it wants to take that further by doing real-time processing as data comes in from the network.

Next up from EMC: Project Thunder flash appliance

EMC’s promised Project Lightning server-based flash storage product is now available under the VFCache brand. But EMC’s not done — it plans a bigger, more powerful flash appliance dubbed Project Thunder, due later this year. Both products take direct aim at the Fusion-IO threat.

Fusion-io competitor Virident closes $21M round

Virident, the PCIe solid state memory player that competes head to head with Fusion-io, scored $21 million in Series C funding including money from new investors Intel Capital and Cisco Systems, as well as contributions from Sequoia Capital and Artiman Ventures.

Gelsinger: EMC still in the buying mood

EMC, having spent billions on acquisitions over the last few years, ain’t done yet. At the top of the shopping list is more security, more management and more data analytics know-how, EMC’s Pat Gelsinger told reporters today at an event at Gillette Stadium.

How consumer demands drive enterprise flash storage

Fusion-io has released a pair of new components that more than double the capacity and improve performance of its previous-generation products on the latest generation of NAND flash. Enterprise flash providers must keep up with short consumer innovation cycles while operating within long enterprise buying cycles.

Violin Memory CEO: IPO coming, acquisitions possible

Violin Memory released a new line of all-flash-memory storage arrays yesterday, but my recent discussion with CEO Don Basile was all about the company’s future, which he says includes an upcoming IPO and possibly a flash acquisition or two.

Scenes from VMworld Day 1 — from CEOs to superheroes

It was an eventful first day at VMworld, highlighted by Paul Maritz’s keynote to thousands of attendees and Fusion-io’s superhero-themed party featuring Marvel Comics creator Stan Lee and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Here’s VMworld Day 1 as I experienced it outside the press room.

That was fast! Fusion-io launches IO Turbine product

Fusion-io, a newly public company that makes flash memory components for servers on Monday released the results of its acquisition of IO Turbine, a mere three weeks after it acquired the startup. The combination of the two companies has resulted in a product called ioCache.

Pure Storage brings hard disk pricing to Flash storage

Pure Storage, a startup offering enterprises a storage array comprised entirely of Flash memory, promises to change the economics around Flash memory and push hard drives out of the performance storage market. The company just announced $30 million in funding and detailed its product.