In the age of niche media, everyone still really wants to be mass

As doctoral student Frederik De Boer pointed out in a recent blog post on some of the new-media sites like BuzzFeed and Fusion, if you don’t focus on a specific market or target a specific kind of reader, you run the risk of blending in with everyone else

European Space Agency looks to 3D printing for rocket parts and a fusion future

The European Space Agency (ESA) is to start using 3D printing methods to create metal parts for rockets, jets and potentially even nuclear fusion reactors. According to the ESA, the parts will be able to withstand heat of up to 3,000° Celsius (5,432° Fahrenheit) and will cut down on materials waste. “Our ultimate aim is to print a satellite in a single piece,” said ESA new materials and energy research chief David Jarvis.

AMD Fusion Processors Coming to Future Apple Computers? [Updated]

AMD recently spilled the beans on an upcoming partnership with Apple during an AMD Financial Analyst Day presentation. Senior VP and Chief Sales Officer Emilio Ghilardi gave a presentation to analysts in attendance which confirmed Apple will be a hardware partner for its Fusion processing platform.

6 Nuclear Power Startups To Watch

Barack Obama’s $8.3 billion in loan guarantees for new nuclear power plants, announced today, is aimed at building more massive, gigawatt-sized reactors. Still, that same budget request could represent opportunity for startups venturing into the world of nuclear power.

CHEAT SHEET: Truth About Sky-High MPG Claims for Electric, Hybrid and Mini Cars

The battle of the MPGs kicked into high gear this week with General Motors making the bold claim that its upcoming Chevy Volt, an extended-range electric vehicle, will get 230 MPG for city driving. Nissan countered with an announcement that its 2011 all-electric LEAF sedan will get some 367 MPG — oh, snap! This banter of course raises questions about the validity and relevance of measuring the efficiency of cars that run on electricity in terms of how far they can go on a gallon of gasoline. (Check out the Atlantic, Consumer Reports, EcoGeek and Edmunds’ Green Car Advisor for some thoughtful discussions.)
Fritz Henderson Makes Volt Announcement
While we’re at it, how did GM really come up with that triple-digit MPG, and how does the company’s calculations compare with ratings for cars like the LEAF, gen-3 Toyota Prius, Smart Fortwo, Tesla Roadster and the Fusion Hybrid from Ford, which said earlier this summer that it’s making fuel efficiency improvements a top priority in upcoming lineups? We’ve put together a chart comparing fuel economy claims and methodology for these vehicles to help put them in perspective.
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Macs Open to Security Flaw Thanks to Windows in VMware Fusion


The recent Conficker virus scare had me warning relatives to protect their PCs, while also simultaneously gloating about how lucky I am to not be affected, since I’m a Mac user. You could say it bordered on the obnoxious, and you’d be right.

But it looks like I may have to eat some humble pie now that a bug has been found in VMware Fusion that could potentially allow malicious code to be run on your Mac using a virtualized Windows machine as a conduit. Obviously, Windows is still the weak link here, but it doesn’t make your Apple (s aapl) machine any less vulnerable. Read More about Macs Open to Security Flaw Thanks to Windows in VMware Fusion

A Unibody MacBook, VMware Fusion, and Windows 7 Beta


A couple of days ago I installed Windows 7 beta (32-bit, Ultimate version) on my 13″ unibody MacBook, and I thought I’d recount my installation experience in case some of you are curious how the other half (OK, the other 95 percent) live.

Alas, this exercise afforded little opportunity to dazzle anyone with my technical acumen. I have no stories of incompatible hardware (even my five-year old HP printer is fine), no BSODs, no failed installations. Heck, I can’t even brag about hitting up Microsoft’s knowledge base and then going to the four corners of the Internet to download various drivers to make it all work. 

Make no mistake, I was still in the Windows world, and got a reminder of that pretty quickly, which I’ll explain shortly, but the bottom line is this was about as uneventful an installation of Windows as you could ask for. 
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