Where is Sunny in Philadelphia’s “PatheticGirl43?”

After a restful, blog post-free vacation, I was finally able to catch up on all the TiVo’d shows that were missed. Among them was last week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, in which Charlie and Sweet Dee try to make a viral video. But in what looks like a missed opportunity, the FX Network decided to not make its viral video actually, you know, viral.

The episode showed a pretty good understanding of what makes a viral video (a volleyball thrown at an unsuspecting face). Charlie stumbles across an actual hit when he sneakily posts Dee’s personal video diary with her talking about her… ummm… rash. Labeled “PatheticGirl43,” it quickly gets 80,000 plays.

But after some searching in the real world, “PatheticGirl43” is nowhere to be found on YouTube. Well, there’s an unofficial version that someone just taped off their TV screen (it only has 1,177 hits). This begs the question: why didn’t FX go ahead and put the clip on YouTube?

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FX Goes Full Episodes, FOX Aims for College Kids

Sibling TV networks FX and FOX are both expanding their online video streaming options, but playing with the notion of windowed content in very different ways.

Starting in September, FX will start streaming full episodes of its entertainment programming like Sons of Anarchy and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia from its online home at FXNetworks.com (sorry, no Shield, FX doesn’t have the rights). The catch? The full episodes won’t appear online until eight days after they premiere on oldteevee so FX affiliates can offer the programming through their VOD systems. Currently, full episodes of FX content can be found on Hulu and iTunes, and these outlets will also follow the eight-day blackout.

Elsewhere, the FOX network will stream the full episode premieres of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and the upcoming Fringe simultaneously with the TV broadcast — but only if you’re watching from a college campus. Computers logging in from a “.edu” address will have access to the full shows. The network is hoping to connect with the kids to generate buzz (and maybe stem some piracy). FOX isn’t sure if this special college programming will be a regular feature after the premieres.

Both approaches, though opposite, highlight the struggles oldteevee has as it recognizes the growing opportunities in online video to generate revenue and awareness, but must work through its legacy systems.

Image courtesy of FX.