ZigBee vs. Wi-Fi — The Race is (Still) On

In the race between ZigBee and Wi-Fi to network energy-smart homes, ZigBee has so far taken the lead, but that doesn’t mean Wi-Fi is giving up. Here is how the two technologies place in the race for the home energy management market.

VCs Hope to See Wi-Fi Everywhere

Many people are familiar with the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, while others even know how to set up a simple home network. Pretty much everyone, however, knows that Wi-Fi is what makes it all possible. That ubiquity is what many venture firms are counting on as they invest in a group of startups putting Wi-Fi into cameras, televisions and even keyboards and mice.

The number of Wi-Fi chips sold is expected to top 1 billion this year, up from more than 200 million sold in 2006, according to data from ABI Research. Beyond computers, WiFi-enabled televisions, set-top boxes and cars are entering the market. That’s good news for those backing the standard, but it could pose a problem for the multiple startups betting on different wireless standards for connecting computers to peripherals, transmitting wireless video and managing home-automation networks.

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