The LG G Flex has a “real” curved screen. So what?

Companies are racing to create curved smartphones as LG’s G Flex was announced over the weekend. It’s the first “real” curved smartphone, says LG; a clear shot at Samsung. Is this helping end users or is it really a thumb-wrestling match between the two?

Here’s the secret success sauce in Ubuntu’s phone platform

One of the most popular Linux distributions will arrive on smartphones this year: Canonical is bringing Ubuntu to the small screen. But this isn’t a special version of Ubuntu; it’s the actual desktop software platform with touch-friendly mobile interface that could be a disruptor.

Android 4.2 starts rolling out to Nexus devices

Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 are now on sale and ship with Android 4.2, which brings a number of software improvements and new features to the platform. Older Nexus devices are getting the software too, plus you can manually install it on the Nexus 7.

Court reverses earlier sales ban Apple won on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It’s good news for Samsung: an appeals court decided on Thursday to lift the injunction placed on one of its flagship devices intended to showcase Android 4.0., the Galaxy Nexus. The court says Apple should not have been granted the ban in the first place.

Life’s good: Leaks detail potential next Google Nexus

The next Nexus phone may be based on the LG Optimus G, a 4-7-inch high-resolution handset with a quad-core processor and an ample 2 GB of memory. Leaked specs line up with recent chatter, indicating that this new Nexus could be announced next month.

Game of Phones: Open webOS proves “what is dead may never die”

After buying webOS and Palm for $1.2 billion, HP pulled the plug and open-sourced the platform. The first fruits of that labor are appearing as multiple devices are getting ports of the new Open webOS, keeping Palm’s excellent mobile operating system alive for many fans.

Android this week: So I bought a Galaxy Note 2…

So I broke down and ordered a Galaxy Note 2 from overseas. Why spend the money when I have a Galaxy Nexus phone and Nexus 7 tablet? A video demo shows how Samsung is further bridging the mobile and traditional computing space and I bought in.

Apple’s iPod touch lets committed Android owners flirt with iOS

Apple finally released the 4-inch handset I’ve been waiting nearly two years for. But the new iPod touch has the larger screen too, plus other key upgrades that got me to swap my iPhone 4S for a new iPod touch that complements my Android phone.