Grace Digital’s gdock speaker rocks a Galaxy Note 2 and more

With many shaped and sized Android phones, it’s often difficult to find third-party accessories that work with multiple devices. Grace Digital’s gdock speaker won’t work with every Android, but it does support audio playback and charging for Samsung’s Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Note 2.

Why only Samsung builds phones that can outsell an iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone model last quarter, says research firm Strategy Analytics. That may or may not be true due to the “shipped vs sold” argument. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter because only Samsung could possibly rival Apple’s iPhone. Here’s why.

T-Mobile first in U.S. pushing Android 4.0 to Galaxy S II

The second U.S. operator to launch Samsung’s Galaxy S II last year appears to be the first to upgrade the smartphone to Android 4.0. T-Mobile tweeted the news, saying the software update for the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android will be available on June 11.

Samsung brings Android 4.0 to unlocked Galaxy S II models

Samsung Galaxy S II handsets not tied to a carrier no longer have to wait for their Android 4.0 upgrade. Unlocked Galaxy S II phones can now download and install the software, known as Ice Cream Sandwich, which also includes a fresh version of Samsung’s TouchWiz.

Sadly, Android 4.0 on Galaxy S II will look familiar

Samsung’s Android 4.0 update for the Galaxy S II smartphone shows few visible differences. As expected, the company’s TouchWiz interface appears in the update, but it completely hides the visual improvements that Google made with Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich.

Samsung Galaxy S III detailed with May launch date

Samsung’s next flagship phone, the Galaxy S III, is expected to be super-thin and run on a quad-core processor, with availability in May. The details aren’t official, but make sense given that code support for Samsung’s Exynos 4212 quad-core chip was found in October.

Huawei’s thin, high-end Android 4.0 phone: Ascend P1 S

Prior to Huawei’s CES scheduled press event on Monday, the company took a shot at high-end handset makers with the Ascend P1 S. Just 6.68 millimeters thin, the phone runs Android 4.0 on a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip and 4.3-inch high-resolution Super AMOLED display.

Poll: Samsung Galaxy S II ad; offensive or fair play?

Have you seen the latest Samsung Galaxy S II ad that pokes fun at iPhone buyers? It’s controversial for sure, but in some ways, Apple, too, has set a condescending tone for non-iPhone owners in its own ads. Check out the video and cast your vote.