Verizon preps Android 4.1, Isis support for Galaxy S III

Verizon’s flagship Android phone, the Galaxy S III, will be getting a software upgrade starting later this week. It’s Android 4.1, not 4.2, but will add a number of key features to the handset including Google Now, ISIS mobile payment support and improved notifications.

A good phone gets better: multi-window apps for Galaxy S III

Samsung’s best selling Galaxy S III is about to get even better based on what the Premium Suite software suite will bring. The multi-window feature I like on my Galaxy Note 2 is in there as are several other useful functions as shown in this video.

Apple, Samsung continue escalating patent fight

In the last few days, both companies have added more products to their dispute, which they each claim violate mobile patents they own. Apple has included the flagship Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, while Samsung has named the iPad mini as an infringer.

Grace Digital’s gdock speaker rocks a Galaxy Note 2 and more

With many shaped and sized Android phones, it’s often difficult to find third-party accessories that work with multiple devices. Grace Digital’s gdock speaker won’t work with every Android, but it does support audio playback and charging for Samsung’s Galaxy S2, S3, Note and Note 2.

Why only Samsung builds phones that can outsell an iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone model last quarter, says research firm Strategy Analytics. That may or may not be true due to the “shipped vs sold” argument. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter because only Samsung could possibly rival Apple’s iPhone. Here’s why.