Why only Samsung builds phones that can outsell an iPhone

Samsung’s Galaxy S III was the best-selling smartphone model last quarter, says research firm Strategy Analytics. That may or may not be true due to the “shipped vs sold” argument. Truth be told, it doesn’t matter because only Samsung could possibly rival Apple’s iPhone. Here’s why.

Huawei’s thin, high-end Android 4.0 phone: Ascend P1 S

Prior to Huawei’s CES scheduled press event on Monday, the company took a shot at high-end handset makers with the Ascend P1 S. Just 6.68 millimeters thin, the phone runs Android 4.0 on a Texas Instruments dual-core OMAP chip and 4.3-inch high-resolution Super AMOLED display.

Samsung hits 300-million-phone goal with a month to spare

In July, Samsung projected it would have a record-breaking year, selling 300 million handsets, driven by the popularity of its Galaxy smartphone line. It turns out Samsung hit that target in November and still has one traditionally very lucrative month to build on that success.

Samsung smartphones reportedly outship the iPhone

Apple frenemy-in-chief Samsung has reportedly surpassed the iPhone maker in smartphones for the most recent quarter. Samsung reportedly shipped “more than 20 million smartphones” in the most recent quarter, according to The Wall Street Journal. Apple said Tuesday it sold 17.1 million iPhones during the quarter.

Judge: Samsung does infringe upon Apple’s U.S. patents

A hearing Thursday in California in front of U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh addressed a request from Apple to ban the sale of Samsung products, including Galaxy Tab 10.1, in the U.S. Samsung infringes on the patents, Koh said, but they may not be “valid.”

Dutch court issues injunction against Samsung Galaxy phones

Apple has won a preliminary injunction in a Dutch court on Wednesday which prevents the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones in the Netherlands, and could affect sales across the E.U. It’s a clear sign that Samsung’s patent headaches won’t be limited to tablet devices.

Another Big Bang? Samsung debuts Galaxy R smartphone

Samsung is expanding its smartphone line with the Galaxy R, a slightly smaller version of the company’s fastest-selling handset, the Galaxy S II. The new Galaxy R has a lower quality display and camera sensor, but still offers a dual-core CPU and HD video recording.

Who’s on pace to sell 1M phones a day? (Hint: Not Apple)

Nokia has long held the top spot for handset sales, but another company is quietly creeping up from behind thanks to a solid smartphone strategy. Samsung is expected to sell 300 million handsets this year, with 60 million of them in the highly profitable smartphone segment.

Judge won’t speed up Apple’s suit against Samsung

A motion to accelerate Apple’s suit against Samsung was denied, allowing Samsung more time to prepare for the briefing process. The likely reason? Apple’s business isn’t harmed much right now, based on the fact that the two companies worked for a year to resolve the situation.

ResToggle — Enable Your Android Phone’s Hi-Res Mode

Android phone owners who have taken the step to root their phone can do things not possible otherwise. ResToggle is an app for rooted Android phones running Froyo (Android 2.2) that provides the ability to change the display to higher resolutions than originally supported.