One Phone to Serve All: Is Galaxy Samsung’s iPhone?

Samsung’s Galaxy S is headed to the big three carriers in China, which gives the company a realistic shot at selling 10 million Galaxy S handsets by the end of 2010. How is Samsung able to shoot for large sales numbers? It’s taking an Apple approach.

Top 5 Superphones to Watch

There are smartphones and there are superphones, and the latter is heating up to a boil.The release of cool new phones often slows down to a trickle, but this year it’s becoming more of a firehose. Here are the 5 best superphones to watch.

Samsung Galaxy — Another Rival in Superphone Universe

People are still buzzing about the HTC EVO, which debuted yesterday at the CTIA trade show. But if you take away the 4G, another phone appeared yesterday that rivals the EVO on paper. Samsung’s Galaxy S competes well with the EVO and supports GSM networks.