Games for the weekend: Super Stickman Golf

Super Stickman Golf is a sports game that plays more like a platformer. Scoring is the same as in golf, but each golf course is designed more like a level from a Mario game than something you’d see on the PGA tour.

Games for the weekend: Stay Alive

Some games just have a knack for getting your heart racing. Fast-paced, simple action games where success is measured by hand-eye coordination are a perfect example. That’s certainly an apt description of Stay Alive, a universal game available now for iPhone and iPad.

Can Game Center Ever Be the Xbox Live of the Post-PC Era?

GigaOM recently sat down with ngmoco CEO and co-founder Neil Young to talk about the future of gaming and mobile apps. While he loves Apple’s platform, he’s not so keen on its own efforts to connect its gaming user community through Game Center.