Logitech launches $99 PowerShell Controller + Battery for iOS gaming

It’s game on for iOS 7 hardware controllers: Logitech launched its entry with the PowerShell + Battery controller for $99. The accessory has an internal battery so it can recharge your iOS 7 device, but it lacks joystick controls, opting for a D-Pad instead.

Today in Connected Consumer

While Microsoft and Google copy Apple’s strategy of making its own devices, Apple continues to move away from a device-centric strategy. As I predicted it would, Apple has developed a game controller that connects with iOS and OS X devices, according to a recently filed patent application. Though some commentators have suggested it points to an Apple game console in the works, it’s ore likely to be a peripheral to be used with other Apple devices in a virtual console configuration. Another recent patent application suggests Apple is developing a home automation system that will allow users to control all their electronic devices using NFC. Yet another patent application shows Apple working on a portable heads-up display system similar to Google Glass. While hardware is a component of all of those technologies, the systems described in the patents are essentially software platforms or an extension of a software platform more than they are discrete devices. Once again, Apple is ahead of its imitators.