How Game Informer became the country’s bestselling digital magazine
Game Informer, a monthly magazine owned by videogame retailer GameStop, is by far the bestselling digital magazine in the U.S.: It has nearly three million digital subscribers, according to the Alliance for Audited Media, blowing away the other publications on the list. (Reader’s Digest, at #2, has under 300,000 digital subscribers.) But Game Informer isn’t necessarily a model for the rest of the industry: AdAge notes that subscriptions to it are bundled with GameStop’s premium customer rewards cards. Those loyalty card memberships account for over 99 percent of Game Informer subscriptions.

Digital replicas still just a tiny sliver of U.S. magazine industry

Digital-replica magazines doubled their share of the North American market in the last year, while printed titles shed a tenth of newsstand sales. But lectronic editions remain just a sliver of an industry that, when it comes to subscriptions, is holding up fine.

Netflix spin-off Qwikster will also rent video games

Netflix is spinning off its DVD business and will call it Qwikster. The new DVD-by-mail company will start renting video games in addition to DVDs, in the process, competing with the likes of Gamestop, Amazon and others.

GameStop’s iOS device trade-ins now open for business

In a move that was widely expected, GameStop started officially accepting iOS devices for trade-in as of Monday. The game seller will now pay either cash or in-store credit to customers who bring in used iPods, iPhones and iPads in good condition.