GameStop Gets Digital With Kongregate Buy

GameStop (s GME), the world’s largest game retailer with nearly 6,500 stores, is acquiring Kongregate, the free online game aggregator. The move brings GameStop into the casual, mobile and browser gaming world, with the promise it will market Kongregate to its customer base.

Tech Retail: Joy for Some, Coal for Others

[qi:053] Every holiday season, it’s the same thing: Numbers showing retail sales are disappointing, data showing retail sales are strong, analysts are chasing their tails trying to explain why, and through it all we consumers just keep on buying.

So the fact that this scenario is playing itself out again this year comes as no surprise. What is a little surprising, however, is how much the gap has widened between the haves and the have-nots of the retail sector. This is especially true for stores that cater to gadget fanatics, and the extent of that gap was revealed in recent weeks, when three major electronic retailers reported three very different sets of quarterly numbers: Circuit City, Best Buy and GameStop.

Below is a graph charting the performance of all three companies’ shares in 2007. As you’ll see, the most recent financial results reported by these companies only served to validate the values the market was willing to place on their respective stocks. Read More about Tech Retail: Joy for Some, Coal for Others