Amazon’s power move in the living room

With 2GB of RAM and a dedicated GPU watching Amazon’s FireTV will be much more like watching traditional linear TV, with little latency between remote control inputs and response, and relative ease in switching between “channels.”

Amazon buys game developer Double Helix Games

Amazon(s amzn) has acquired video game developer Double Helix Games, the company confirmed on Wednesday. Terms of the deal are unknown, but the acquisition includes both the development studio as well as all of the intellectual properties owned. “Amazon has acquired Double Helix as part of our ongoing commitment to build innovative games for customers,” the company said in a statement to TechCrunch, which first reported the news. Double Helix is the studio behind Xbox One(s msft) launch title Killer Instinct, as well as the upcoming Strider reboot, set to launch this month on PS3(s sne). A recent report suggested that Amazon is planning to launch a game console, so this news only adds fuel to the speculation.