Warren Buffett dumps stake in Gannett and buys into Dish

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (s BRKA) has sold off its $38 million stake in newspaper publisher Gannett Company (s GCI) and purchased $23 million worth of shares in the Dish Network, according to SEC filings. CNN Money notes that Berkshire Hathaway remains the largest outside shareholder in the Washington Post (s WPO), which Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently acquired for $250 million.

Can a big bet on tech help USA Today escape its paper past?

USA Today is taking advantage of Gannett’s custom built CMS system that will let it select and curate content for the growing number of readers who are reading news on mobile devices. The move may help the company reboot a tired brand for the digital age.

Paywall site Ongo, backed by NYT and WaPo, folds after 16 months

Paywall solutions are having a bad month. Google shuttered One Pass at the end of April. Now paywall and news aggregation site Ongo, which launched in January 2011 with $12 million in funding from the New York Times, Washington Post and Gannett, is closing.

Los Angeles Times To Add Paywall

It’s been a big week in newspapers starting to charge for content. First it was Gannett; now the Los Angeles Times will launch a metered pay…