Attention thieves: Don’t try to trade in stolen iPhones on Gazelle

iPhones and their smartphone brethren are hugely popular among thieves, especially in major cities. Popular gadget trade-in site Gazelle will now be checking all devices it receives against a database of stolen consumer electronics before handing over cash to customers.

10 ways to resell, recycle, reuse iPad 2

While you’re waiting to see if iPad 3 will get LTE capability or not, I thought I’d put together these 10 ways you can resell, recycle or resuse that aging iPad 2.

Selling an iPad? 10 minutes could fetch an extra $100

Best Buy is offering Apple’s tablet for $50 less this week, and iPad and iPad 2 values are dropping in anticipation of the iPad 3 announcement in March. But with a little bit of effort and searching, you could find a deal that puts extra money in your pocket.

What’s your existing iPhone worth?

The iPhone is definitely a hot commodity. There is no secret that the smartphone is in no small part responsible for Apple’s growing market cap, so we have a good idea what the iPhone is worth to Cupertino, but what is your iPhone worth to you?

iPhone trade-ins spike alongside iPhone 5 rumors

How desperate are owners to upgrade to iPhone 5? In the last two weeks there’s been an 85 percent rise in old iPhone trade-ins at, and the company is getting 2,500 old iPhones per week, compared to 100 per day in weeks before iPhone 4.

iPhone resellers wait (not so patiently) for iPhone 5

iPhones are hot commodities for buy back services like Gazelle and eBay Instant Sale. That becomes even more true when Apple launches a new model of its smartphone, prompting owners of older devices looking to upgrade to seek a quick sale.

10 Ways Tech is Celebrating Earth Day

Tech giants are noting Earth Day this year in different ways, from Facebook’s “Billion Acts of Green” app and Microsoft’s green data center progress to e-cycling and energy efficiency efforts underway by telcos and gadget makers.

Xmas Cleanup: Where to Recycle Your Old Gadgets

It’s that time of year again: time to get rid of your old, busted or just plain out-of-date gadgets, cell phones and computers to make way for your brand spanking new ones. Here some new, old and innovative ways to do it: