The Quest for the Perfect Flash Drive

In techno-tourism terms, I’m fairly well-traveled. Mostly because I’ve visited the mecca of gadgetry, Japan, but I’ve also stopped at quite a few other places as well. During those travels, I’m on the look out for one thing in particular: Flash drives.

Touchscreen Devices and Gloves Don’t Mix — or Do They?

Winter has definitely arrived here in the UK, with temperatures dropping over the past week or so, prompting me to break out my winter coat and gloves. I actually quite enjoy the changing seasons, but gloves are awkward because they don’t work with devices with capacitive touchscreens (like my iPhone, and also the trackpad on my MacBook), and constantly removing and replacing gloves when fiddling with my phone quickly becomes annoying. Fortunately, I’ve found there are quite are a few workarounds that let you keep warm mitts and stay connected on the go. Read More about Touchscreen Devices and Gloves Don’t Mix — or Do They?

Genius Gadget Lust: Folding UK Three-pin Plug

Here in the UK, we use very bulky three-pin earthed electric plugs for our 240V AC system. In normal domestic use, these plugs are satisfyingly chunky and solid, but if you need to go on the road, not only do they take up a much larger amount of space in your bag than European or U.S. plugs (particularly if you have more than one), if not well packed they can end up damaging your precious gadgets.
So when I saw this video of a concept design for an innovative folding three-pin plug, I was astounded. Not only does the clever folding design save space in your bag and keep the pins from damaging your electronics, the folded plug can then be used to save space in multi-outlet wall adapters. I really hope that it can pass the various safety checks and makes it into production — I would happily pay a premium for it.

(via Unclutterer)
Have you seen a genius bit of product design like this lately? Let us know!

Get the Most from Your Gear On the Go

Over at jkOntheRun, Kevin has published an excellent post called “7 Rules of the Road for Maximum Mobile Bliss.” In it, he shares some maxims for getting the most out of your gadgets while on the road. His “mobile mantras” include:

  • Always buy a second battery for your main device
  • Carry a toolkit for drive restores
  • Have a backup plan for wireless connectivity
  • When not in use, turn off the juice
  • Invest in a useful web-based data storage and synchronization service (or provide your own)
  • Consider using the “lightest” tool for the task at hand
  • Tote a headset

Most web workers are on the road for at least some of the time, so go check out Kevin’s post and make sure you maximize your mobile productivity.

Share your tips for getting the most from your gadgets on the go below.

Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet: Multitouch Mouse Replacement?

Bamboo1I was lucky enough to get my grubby mitts on a Wacom Bamboo Touch tablet recently, one of the newly-released models from the popular input device maker that supports multitouch finger input. It’s the basic model that only supports touch, which is ideal for me, because I already have a Cintiq and don’t need the pen tablet functions. Read More about Wacom Bamboo Touch Tablet: Multitouch Mouse Replacement?

Work Smarter: 5 Top, Inexpensive Hardware Devices and Tweaks

Some of the biggest hardware efficiency boosts we can get are either completely free, or nearly so. Sure, a maxed-out new laptop would be great to have, but these are tough times. If you spend a little time with the hardware you have or pick up some very inexpensive peripherals, you can immediately start working smarter. In this post, you’ll find five hardware devices and tweaks that you can put to work with good results almost immediately.
Read More about Work Smarter: 5 Top, Inexpensive Hardware Devices and Tweaks

Solar Power and the FLAP Bag Project

My obsession with portable solar energy continues — in the past I’ve written about Suntrica’s portable chargers, Reware’s Juice Bags and Noon Solar’s range of bags. Suntrica’s chargers, though difficult to purchase outside Finland, currently offer the most elegant and practical solution for cheap, mobile and clean solar energy.
Interestingly, a unique field test of mobile solar power is taking place in a handful of African nations, where electrical power is often unreliable: AfriGadget’s Flexible Light And Power (FLAP) initiative. Read More about Solar Power and the FLAP Bag Project