500 Startups doubles down on Mexico via local accelerator

500 Startups gets its first international accelerator. Dave McClure’s investment group joins with a Mexican accelerator called Mexican VC. Mexico has a growing population of new Internet and mobile hungry consumers, and the country has less of an investing bubble compared to Brazil.

The next hot smart grid market: Brazil

With its booming economy, growing middle class and investments in city infrastructure, Brazil is looking to be the next hot market for smart grid development.

A crazy dream to build a computer animation industry in Argentina

Behind the doors of Catmandu studios, on a quiet street in Buenos Aires, Argentina, dozens of young animators stare intently at their computer screens in low lit rooms, obsessing over the way a grass of blade bends or a character’s hair swishes as he moves.

How Latin America’s e-commerce behemoth finally embraced social

Not aggressively creating a social strategy years ago with a site like Facebook was one of the biggest mistakes of my career, says Daniel Rabinovich, CTO of Latin American e-commerce pioneer MercadoLibre, in a talk with the Geeks on a Plane group, in Buenos Aires last week.

10 things to know about tech startups in Brazil

Compared to Mexico, the web and mobile startup ecosystem in Brazil is hot — probably too hot. Here’s 10 things you should know if you want to build, buy, invest in or work at a tech startup in Brazil.

How a Mormon VC ended up betting everything on Mexico

What’s a Mormon white guy from Southern California doing running a tech fund in Mexico? Paul Ahlstrom, the founding partner of one of Mexico’s rare venture capital firms, Alta Ventures, says he gets that question all the time.

Why Niklas Zennstrom thinks Brazil’s startups are hot

Niklas Zennstrom, the founder of Skype and Kazaa and the founding partner of investment firm Atomico, tells me that he’s been spending a significant amount of time in Brazil looking for and meeting with Brazilian entrepreneurs.

A preacher, 500 startups, and a dream to change it all

What Billy Beane is to baseball, Dave McClure wants to be technology startups. And like Beane, he is willing to go anywhere in the world to find a slight edge to beat his richer, bigger and fancier rivals on Sand Hill Road.