Musicplayr: cross-platform harmony for web music

It’s easy to embed a wide variety of music players on your website, but hard to get them singing from the same hymnsheet. Musicplayr’s trying to fix that with a newly-revamped player it calls ‘eye-candy for the ears’

Oops: Spotify started in Germany without key license

Spotify apparently didn’t want to wait any longer for its launch in Germany, which came two weeks before the service is having its final negotiations with rights holders group GEMA. The final deal with GEMA could determine how much music Germans will get for free., a Pandora for video, targets British launch

Berlin’s has teamed up with Spotify to help fill the void left by the old, music-oriented MTV. But underneath the hood, its approach could be another interesting example of how onerous music rights in Germany have sparked a different kind of music startup.

Sita Sings The Blues blocked in Germany

Nina Paley is upset. Her movie Sita Sings The Blues is blocked for German users on YouTube, making it the latest casualty in an ongoing conflict between the video site and German music rights group Gema. Rights holders deny that they’re to blame for the incident.

Music Biz Blocks YouTube Video, Musician Loses Award

An attempt of music rights holders to press YouTube for more money may have backfired: A European musician just lost a web video award because his video was blocked due to an ongoing conflict between Google and a rights holders group over music royalty rates.

Upset YouTube Users Strike Back at Music Biz

Two German music fans were fed up with geo-blocking on YouTube, which has been preventing them from accessing music videos from major-label artists. So they turned the tables and started to block employees of major music labels from accessing popular blogs and other websites.

YouTube Reaches Deal With French Rights Holders

YouTube and the French music rights group SACEM have reached a royalty agreement that will compensate rights holders for the use of their music in YouTube videos accessed by French users. However, YouTube is still missing a similar agreement with Germany’s music rights group GEMA.

Music Rights Holders to YouTube: Block Our Songs

Licensing negotiations between YouTube (s GOOG) and the German music rights group GEMA have broken down, and GEMA is now demanding that the video share site take down or block access to hundreds of works.

Representatives of GEMA announced today that they’ve struck an alliance with a number of international music licensing groups, including the U.S. performing rights organizations ASCAP, SESAC and BMI, to put pressure on the Google-owned site. A YouTube spokesperson told us that it is “disappointed in GEMA’s decision.” Negotiations between the two sides have been going on for more than a year, and YouTube already briefly blocked access to music videos in April of 2009.

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