Former FCC Chair Julius Genachowski has joined The Carlyle Group

In a time-honored tradition, former Federal Communications Chairman Julius Genachowski has joined private equity giant Carlyle Group as a managing director, according to Variety. Carlyle is well-known for attracting former government officials to its ranks, and it’s nice to see a former FCC commissioner that isn’t heading to Comcast or an industry lobbying group. Genachowski was in the private equity world prior to his tenure at the FCC as a co-founder at startup incubator LaunchBox Digital and as an advisor to General Atlantic.

Need spectrum? FCC plans TV incentive auction for 2014

The FCC is moving forward with a controversial plan to entice broadcasters to give up their airwaves so they can later be auctioned off to carriers who need more spectrum to deliver mobile broadband. FCC officials expect the auction in 2014.

DOJ green-lights Verizon-cable deal with minor conditions

The Justice Department is giving Verizon clearance to close its $3.9 billion acquisition of the cable companies’ 4G airwaves. While it is imposing conditions on their joint-marketing agreements — basically non-compete pacts — to resell each others wireline and wireless services, the concessions are relatively minor.

We need a Broadband-to-Work program

Much like the welfare-to-work reform bill had bipartisan support because it moved people from welfare into a job, the FCC needs to reform the Lifeline program to provide broadband so it moves people from government assistance into jobs. Not just any jobs, but tech-oriented jobs.

AT&T-Mo fails FCC test but has one more shot

The FCC condemned AT&T-Mo in every way it could think of short of denying the actual merger. Instead it passed it along to an administrative law judge, where telecom deals go to die. But first AT&T has to face down the DOJ.

Time to Say Goodbye to Genachowski?

The FCC may soon have a new chairman according to Washington blog, The Hill. The site reports that FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski is ready to leave his role as head of the agency and says his name has been floated as the next Secretary of Commerce.

FCC Promotes 100 Mbps for 100M Homes

The FCC chairman today outlined a vision for 100 Mbps connections to 100 million homes. But that goal will be easy compared with other aspects of the National Broadband Plan he outlined such as delivering faster universal service, telehealth, a smart grid, and digital literacy programs.

The New FCC and a Small Reality Check

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski came to our office today to talk about broadband, and during both the event itself and the conversations I had with people before and after, it became clear to me how optimistic many of us should be about the New FCC.

The FCC Sees the Future — and It’s VoIP

The FCC is prepping for a future without the circuit-switched network that currently handles most of the calls in this country, as we transition to an all-IP communications network. This transition requires regulatory reform, but will also enable new services that meld voice, video and data.

AT CTIA, FCC Chief Plays the Good Cop

jg1FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski appreciates the wireless industry and plans to help it get access to more spectrum, to make the process of siting mobile towers faster and to roll out faster middle-mile connections in rural and urban areas, all in an effort to improve the delivery of mobile broadband, he said today at the CTIA industry conference in San Diego. CTIA is the wireless industry’s lobbying group, and counts among its members everyone from carriers and device makers to Google (s goog). Read More about AT CTIA, FCC Chief Plays the Good Cop