13 battery startups to watch in 2013

Here’s 13 rare battery startups working on next-generation manufacturing, chemistry and printing technologies. These battery companies could create innovation that could revolutionize electric cars, the power grid and how we charge up our gadgets and cell phones.

One month with the Chevy Volt; so far, so very, very good

Has it really been four weeks since we bought a Chevy Volt to supplement our 41 solar panels? Indeed it has and after topping 1,300 miles we’re about to fill the gas tank for the very first time. Here’s how the initial month of driving went.

A battery breakthrough that focuses on the building blocks

If battery makers could enhance just the basic electrolyte — the guts of the battery — it could provide a major breakthrough for batteries. That’s what a year-and-a-half-old startup called Boulder Ionics is trying to do.

Facebook’s biggest problem is that it’s a media company

Facebook’s advertising woes, including the highly publicized departure of General Motors, reinforce the fact that while Facebook may function like a social network, on the business side it looks almost exactly like a media company — and that is going to be a major challenge.

Cars, gadgets on collision course at CES

The line between car and home entertainment center is getting blurrier by the minute as electronics makers and car companies take to the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 and concurrent Detroit Auto show to strut their stuff. Here’s a sampling of the news.

The green guide to CES 2012

Every year, we try to dig into some of the innovations around energy, batteries, energy-efficient homes and the smart grid at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, and deliver this green guide for your reading pleasure.

Qualcomm buys wireless electric car charging tech

Wireless giant Qualcomm has jumped into the electric vehicle market by acquiring the assets of a company, called HaloIPT, out of New Zealand that has developed wireless electric car charging tech.

General Motors deal would be huge coup for Google Apps

If General Motors, a big Microsoft shop, ends up going with Google Apps, it would be a huge validation of Google’s productivity applications in the enterprise. Google Apps targets the Microsoft Office juggernaut, but has had trouble getting traction in big, corporate accounts.