Life360 integrates its family geo-fencing app with IFTTT

Life360 extends its family geo-location capabilities to IFTTT’s internet-of-things recipe library. Now IFTTT can trigger events not just based on the actions of a user, but also on the collective actions of a whole family.

Ford taps Roximity to debut the drive-by daily deal

Why check your phone for deals when you can check your car dashboard instead? Ford has integrated deal-broker Roximity’s location-based offers app with its Sync connected car platform, allowing drivers to verbally search for nearby bargains without slowing down.

Geoloqi’s location tracking now available to Appcelerator devs

Geoloqi, a platform for location services, launched in February, offering developers an simple and battery-efficient way to implement background location tracking and geo-fencing. Now, the company is teaming up with Appcelerator, who will make a Geoloqi module available for its Titanium platform.