Shopkick sets its sights on local merchants with free offer

Shopkick, a location-based deals and reward shopping app, is going local, offering merchants free hardware that integrates with its loyalty service. In a deal with Shopkick investor Citi, the company is offering free installation of Shopkick signal boxes at 1,000 stores owned by local merchants.

Color Proves Chasing Trends Isn’t Good App Design

On paper, Color, the app which grabbed headlines Wednesday for securing $41 million in pre-release startup funding, looks pretty good. It’s a photo (and video) sharing app (those do well) with a geo-local twist (ditto) that’s built around the concept of the group (natch).

Patent Describes Co-Located Laser Tag Gaming for iPhone

A new patent filed by Apple called “Interactive Gaming with Co-Located, Networked Direction and Location Aware Devices” describes new possibilities for iPhone gaming in the real world. Essentially, the tech described would use players’ iPhones to recreate what amounts to a game of laser tag.

IBM Launches iPhone App to Help Monitor California Creeks

IBM is using the iPhone to help contribute to environmental preservation efforts in California. Creek Watch, a new free app developed by IBM in partnership with California’s State Water Control Board, allows anyone to report unsafe or polluted water conditions to the proper authorities.

Factual Wants to Be Your Place Database in the Cloud

Web data API provider Factual is making a play for the hot geo-local space today. Today it came out a huge new dataset for geo-coded information like addresses and phone numbers tied to latitude and longitude for 14 million local U.S. businesses and points of interest.

Where Marries Geo-local App With the Web

The popular mobile search and recommendation application Where today added a web site that enables users to sync information between the phone and PC. It’s a natural move that should provide a more detailed, immersive experience for those accessing the app via the fixed-line web.