Facebook and Google: lessons to learn from Myspace

Last week, News Corp. unloaded Myspace for a pittance. Understanding why Myspace failed to maintain its early dominance in social networking is critical to determining whether Facebook is similarly vulnerable, and whether Google+ is on the right track.

Webon Has its Game On for Developing Simple Sites

This week, Lycos unveiled Webon, their new drag-and-drop Web site builder and the moment I heard about it, I had to jump on it. With the proliferation of blogs, blogging and blog publishing sites, I was struggling to find a free, easy-to-use Web-based site builder. You know – the old fashioned, non-blog free Web site that we used to create with Tripod, Angelfire or Geocities?

WebonI was looking first and foremost for ease of use, not because I don’t know how to use more robust site building tools such as Dreamweaver but because I wanted to find something that I could recommend to non-programmers and non-designers who needed a simple site up quickly.

Webon is clearly geared toward the personal site, offering a Personal Site kit, a Photo Album kit, a Travelogue kit and a Wedding kit. It also has a drag-and-drop blog creator and builds the blog feature into it’s some of its other options such as the personal site and travelogue. Simple. Really easy to use.

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