ESRI buys location services provider Geoloqi

Geoloqi, a small Portland, OR startup that made it easy for mobile developers to add background location tracking and geo-fencing to their apps, has sold to ESRI, a longtime provider of mapping and planning tools for governments, companies and educational institutions.

Geoloqi’s location tracking now available to Appcelerator devs

Geoloqi, a platform for location services, launched in February, offering developers an simple and battery-efficient way to implement background location tracking and geo-fencing. Now, the company is teaming up with Appcelerator, who will make a Geoloqi module available for its Titanium platform.

Geoloqi targets developers of location-based services

Geoloqi, a Portland Ore. start-up, said it’s ready to take location-based services to the next level with a new developer SDK that makes incorporating location services easy. The location platform enables real-time tracking, geo-fencing, messaging and analytics while remaining very efficient on battery usage.