The Almanac: A More Holistic Approach to Carbon Calculation

For those curious about their carbon footprint, basic carbon calculators abound across the web, but none have really been all that successful or effective. The Almanac, a New York-based startup that presented at our Green:Net conference last week, thinks it can do better using a more automated and holistic approach. While most carbon calculators rely on users’ own estimates and require them to enter all their own carbon footprint information, the Almanac is developing what it describes as a of carbon emissions.
The Almanac is working on a set of tools that will tap into users’ electric bills and credit-card statements to create an automatic carbon consumption log based on the products users buy, including gasoline and airline tickets. Users will also be able to add more data, but the idea is to garner as much objective information as possible without users having to do anything after they’ve added the accounts they want included.
The purpose is to make the process as easy as possible for users and to also extract carbon data info from hard to quantify areas. “How are you going to regulate thousands of actions whose impacts on the environment aren’t even clear to you?” asks Jonah Bloch-Johnson, a co-founder of The Almanac. “It’s too complex, too complicated.”
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Why the Tech Crash May Have Been a Good Thing

As we continue to slide into a dire economic correction, a silver lining is starting to emerge around the dot-com crash. By pushing a lot of froth out of the system several years ago, it has spared us from a true “Perfect Storm” of an economic crisis in 2008.