Infographic: These fall TV pilots rule Facebook & Twitter

Word of mouth has always been a huge factor for new TV shows, and these days, everyone is looking to Twitter and Facebook to gauge interest in TV show premieres. So how did the pilots of this fall TV season fare online? Check out this infographic.

Raindance is hot stuff for Polish movie site Filmaster

Raindance is Britain’s largest independent film festival, becoming an institution for cinephiles over the past 20 years. This year it’s decided to partner with a little-known film website run out of Poland. So what does Filmaster offer that others don’t?

Top10 wants listophiles to go recommendation crazy

As the battle heats up among social recommendation websites, British newcomer thinks it can make an impact. But with Facebook cranking up to launch new features, do independent sites have a fight on their hands?

Appcelerator opens a market for mobile back-end services

Appcelerator has built up a community of 1.5 million developers that have used its cross-platform development tool to build more than 25,000 apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. Now it’s looking to turn that community into a selling opportunity by launching a marketplace for software modules.

Trendrr launches social media tools for TV networks

This year’s fall TV season is going to bring us a whole lot of hash tags. Trendrr’s new enterprise measurement tools can help TV executives understand whether initiatives like these are actually working, and who their top influencers tweeting about their show are.

Meet Umami, the newest social TV startup

The latest company to enter the social TV fray isn’t being very vocal about its plans, but that’s hasn’t stopped it from being able to raise funds. Umami announced a $1.65 million funding round it will use to build out its social TV platform.’s iPad app gets more personal, more social’s social TV app has been updated with more personalization and social features. Version 3.0 of the app provides users with even more personalized channel lineups, while providing a more social experience for chatting and interacting with their friends and followers on social networks.

Spike TV gets social for the Guys Choice Awards

Spike TV is teaming up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Shazam, Foursquare, Tumblr, Smilebooth, GetGlue and GroupMe for its Guys Choice Awards show. The social media blitz is designed to raise awareness and increase tune-in while also tapping second-screen apps to help drive engagement with viewers.

Former iPlayer Head Targets iPads With Stealth TV Startup

The BBC’s former iPlayer head Anthony Rose wants to use iPads and other mobile devices to get around some of the restrictions of traditional connected devices. His new startup tBone TV wants to develop a platform that turns broadcast television into a two-way experience.