New Ads Sync Up with American Idol Finale

What if your iPad knew what you were watching on TV? What if web sites automatically displayed ads that corresponded to commercials you’re seeing on the big screen? Second Screen Networks is demoing this kind of synchronized advertising on this week’s American Idol finale. Wants to Kill the TV News Ticker

Turn on the TV at any given time, and you’re likely going to see tons of tickers scrolling across the screen on news networks, sports shows and even entertainment programming. wants to get rid of that and instead bring relevant information to the second screen.

How Traditional Entertainment Can Use Social Media

Remember when social media was going to reinvent the entertainment business? Though past efforts made little headway in the social-entertainment space, announcements from Warner Home Entertainment and News Corp. suggest the space is far from dead. Here’s what companies looking to capitalize on it can learn.

Infographic: How People Watched the Royal Wedding

NBC tracked more than 200,000 downloads of its Royal Wedding iPad app last week, and it also was able to get more than half a million impressions on Facebook. Check out this neat infographic for more details about the network’s numbers on multiple platforms.

Who Is Winning the TV Check-In War?

Miso, GetGlue and Tunerfish all want to be the Foursquare of TV check-ins – but a closer look at data from Trendrr shows that only one of these services is really catching on. Most users seem to prefer to talk about TV shows on Twitter instead.

The Future of Social TV: It’s Not About the Check-In

Miso offers its users mobile phone apps to check into TV shows and earn badges for their participation. So why does Miso CEO Somrat Niyogi think that these types of check-ins aren’t the key make TV more social, and what does he want to do instead?

GetGlue Stares Down the Facebook Behemoth

GetGlue has rolled out some new features for its service, which provides users with movie, music and book suggestions from friends in their social network. But can the startup compete with the 400-pound gorilla known as Facebook and its new open graph protocol and social plugins?

GetGlue Expands From Toolbar to Popups

GetGlue, a social network that offers a toolbar with related content to users browsing the web, along with recommendations from their friends on the network, has launched a new feature that provides the same kinds of content and recommendations through popup widgets on any web site.