GetJar offers virtual currency to boost app downloads

Independent mobile app store GetJar is looking to virtual currency to get users to come and keep downloading and interacting at GetJar’s app marketplace. The company today is introducing GetJar Gold virtual currency which will be awarded to users for downloading Android apps.

By the numbers: Mobile apps in 2011

It wasn’t just here in the U.S. and it wasn’t just iPhone users; the mobile app obsession has gone global and is now bigger than ever. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting statistics involving the abundance of mobile apps we devoured this year.

Dolphin browser for Android gains cloud sync

One of the most popular third-party web browsers for Android devices, Dolphin, gained support for cloud-based synchronization on Wednesday. The updated software syncs browsing preferences, bookmarks and even on-screen gestures over the web to other Android devices running Dolphin and the Webzine feature shows improved controls.

The carriers’ voice gravy train is over

Voice is in the process of transitioning from providing the bulk of phone companies’ profits to becoming just another part of a data service that can be provided by web players, explained execs from voice-focused startups at GigaOM’s Mobilize conference in San Francisco on Monday.

GetJar intros free apps, Android client

UPDATED: GetJar just passed 2 billion downloads and has been pushing its independent app market hard, specifically on the Android front. It has recently started giving out free apps, similar to Amazon’s App of the Day and has also pushed out an Android client.

GigaOM Euro 20: Ones to watch

There are hundreds of promising European startups that lie just below the surface of success waiting to break out. For our second installment of GigaOM’s Euro 20, we chose five of these. Here are the ones to watch.