GetJar beats Amazon. Gets the Android Cut the Rope exclusive

GetJar has beat out budding rival Amazon in snagging the Android exclusive on Cut the Rope, a previous iOS game with Angry Birds–like appeal. The game illustrates the growing competition between the 2 third-party Android app stores as they compete for developers and consumers.

Why Opera Isn’t Worried About GetJar’s Ban

Opera Software isn’t sweating the recent ban of its browser in the GetJar app store, because the effort is just one part of a larger plan by Opera to become a major distribution point for native and web apps around the world.

GetJar Ban of Opera Highlights Growing App Store Competition

With all the growing competition in the market for app stores, it’s inevitable that this jockeying is leading to some competitive measures. The latest sign of that is GetJar’s move to ban Opera Mini after Opera announced it was launching its own app market.