Turn pirates into customers: a smart approach to the photo problem

The popularity of image sites like Instagram and Pinterest means more photo sharing — but also more copyright infringement. If we’re to avoid the bitter experience of the music industry, image owners should look to Dreamstime’s example of turning infringers into customers.

The value of co-creation

The teams at Rally Software and Getty Images demonstrate that co-creation is not only possible, but likely necessary, to be a success in business today. As they show, co-creation helps reduce barriers between what a business needs and what it can get from its suppliers.

Getty adds news and fact-based clips to its video library

Getty Images has amassed a library of more than 800,000 video files for licensing. Now it’s adding some newsy and fact-based clips from content partners like Bloomberg, the American Museum of Natural History, MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, Barcroft Media and Boston public broadcaster WGBH.

Pond5: A One-Stop Shop for Video — and Now Photos, Too

Pond5 is drastically expanding the number of assets in its library with 5 million new photos for creators to choose from. That now makes Pond5 a one-stop shop for all the media one might need — including video, music, sound effects and after effects.