Touchdown! Florida Gators get gigabit broadband.

Residents of a small section of Gainesville, Fla. will get a gigabit network thanks to the GigU project that wants to deliver fiber to the home to areas around U.S. colleges and universities.

Meet the startup that wants to speed up U.S. broadband

Gigabit Squared broke onto the scene on Wednesday, announcing it would spend $200 million to bring gigabit broadband to six college towns in conjunction with the Gig.U program. But the startup aims higher: It wants to change the economics of delivering fiber to the home everywhere.

Forget consumers, gigabit networks are ready for business!

Consumer applications have driven the rapid take up of faster broadband services in the U.S. in the last decade. But as Google and others build gigabit networks to see what can be done with them, it’s time to bring businesses back into the innovation cycle.

What is gigabit broadband good for?

When it comes to broadband, gigabit per second speeds are all the rage. Large broadband providers in the US have started showing off their gigabit efforts But what is this speed good for? Kevin Lo, Google’s fiber access program chief says “new things.”

Google, Kansas City and the Nation’s Gigabit Economic Policy

Want to improve the economy? Then demand better broadband. Policymakers at all levels of government need to watch municipal efforts such as those in Kansas City, Kan. with Google’s fiber network. That gigabit network could prove the link between broadband and economic development.