Why Google Needs +1 and Identity to Work Together

The pressure is on for Google to develop a social strategy. It should leverage the combination of +1 and its users’ Google identities to come from behind on the social graph. With the concept of identity, Google starts it’s social play from a much stronger position.

Meebo Rallies Open Posse to Battle Facebook

A new open platform called XAuth is being released Monday by Meebo, with the support of Google, Microsoft, MySpace, Yahoo, JanRain, Disqus, and Gigya. XAuth detects whether or not a user is logged into web services elsewhere so a publisher can prominently display those preferred sites.

Adobe Partners With Gigya to Bring Flash Apps to the Social Web

adobeAdobe (s adbe) partnered with Gigya, a social widget maker, to offer a new service that lets advertisers and developers easily share their Flash-based applications across social, mobile and desktop platforms. The service, available today and called Flash Platform Services for Distribution, will enable developers to track and monetize their applications. As a result of the partnership, developers can add a button to their application and share it across 70 social networks and web destinations, including Facebook, MySpace (s nws) and iGoogle.
However, Adobe is tardy in its effort to offer this capability, as companies like Clearspring already tout widgets and applications in Flash.  Plus, Facebook opened up its API to developers in 2007, so the rush of developers looking to build apps on the social network has dried up over the years. Read More about Adobe Partners With Gigya to Bring Flash Apps to the Social Web

For Widgets, VC Money Easy, Revenues Not So Much

Widgets, Facebook Applications, OpenSocial Web 2.0 gee gaws – you got one of those, well you can get funded. And when I say funded, I mean really funded, even though many of these companies are still struggling to find a business model. This lack of a business model at a time when social media advertising is taking a bit of a nose dive, makes me wonder what the investors are thinking.

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